About LOJ Conference


LOJ Conference is an inspirational and learning Conference led by the Light of Jesus Family Indonesia. It has impacted more than 8,000 people since it started in 2013 with Grand Feast "Champions Arise" and LOJ Conference "Unshakeable" in 2016. Initially LOJ Conference (also known as Kerygma Conference) was started in Manila in 2007 under the leadership of Brother Bo Sanchez which was attended by more than 5,000 people. It has grown quickly year-on-year with attendees coming from the Philippines and all over the world. LOJ Conference has also been a world-wide conference under Light of Jesus' coverage.

3 Inspirational Talks

Talk 1 Millennials Challenge by Obet Cabrillas And Billy Boen

Some millennials are still not sure what to do with their life. While some have so many things they want to do, others are completely clueless with who they are. As a result, they are stuck in their current state and do not know how to move forward with their lives.

Talk 2 Failing Forward (with Edy Sulistyo, Veronica Utami Sari, Richie Wirjan and Steve Christian)

Talk show with successful people from various fields (corporate professional, entrepreneur, startup founder, etc). They will share about their failures and highlight how failures are necessary for their journey to success

Talk 3 Casting Out Fear (with Jonathan Yogawin and Haryati Lawidjaja)

It is scary to start something new, especially chasing big dreams. Some people therefore are either stuck where they are or taking every matters in their own hands, without involving God in it. So once things happen not as planned, they get very frustrated. Haryati will share her successful corporate career, until cancer took it away from her. Similarly, Brother Jay will relate her story for us to understand when to push (doing our part best) and when to let go (let God do His part).

Special Performance by Ricky Cuaca

Grand Feast

- Holy Mass with Father Andang

- New Album Launch by LOJ Worship

- Sermon by Bo Sanchez